May 2020

New rear exhaust section
New rear pipe and Vibrant twin exit tailbox to replace the single straight through box

April 2020

Optional unsilenced side exit

Fuel tank and exhaust removed revealed the handbrake cables and brackets requiring some work

Brackets cleaned, treated and painted            Refitted with new bolts

Corrosion in NSR wheel well
Taken back to bare metal then treated, painted, wax and stonechip

March to July 2020

Fuel tank and pipework removed for restoration. Tank exterior had corrosion on most surfaces and around seams
Inside the tank also had surface rust and old fuel deposits.                

Tank exterior repaired, treated and painted.     Interior cleaned and treated.                          New and repaired parts

Fuel filler pipe was very corroded but repairable

Fuel filler pipe rust removed and treated, corroded top flange cut off replaced with new steel

Tank exterior repaired and painted. Inside treated and cleaned. Reassembled with new pipes
Tank reassembled        Tank and filler pipe refitted